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Established in 1985, Jay Bharat has evolved into a distinguished group of companies, boasting a diverse business portfolio spanning the entire Textile Value Chain, Recycling & Waste Management, Sustainable Packaging, and Green Power Generation. Jay Bharat Dyeing & Printing Pvt. Ltd. serves as the foundation of our conglomerate.

Today, our network comprises several companies, each contributing to our standing as an industry leader. Yet, our journey upward is collective; it's a testament to our team's synergy and innovative spirit. Teamwork, our cornerstone, propels us forward, as we prioritise collective efforts over individual accolades. As we expand into new sectors, our commitment to fostering acollaborative culture remains unwavering, ensuring sustained growth and shared prosperity.


With almost FOUR DECADES of progression, JB Group has pioneered in :

  • Garments & ethnic wear manufacturing. Suits, sarees, embroidered fabrics- all under one roof.
  • Processing, manufacturing, and dealing with all kinds of fabrics and yarn.
  • Post-consumer plastics recycling, waste management & EPR services.
  • Polyester Monofilament yarn, Nylon FDY Yarn Spinning & carpet yarn Manufacturing.
  • Waste Paper Recycling.
  • Manufacturing of caps for water and Cold drink bottles.
  • Cocoon manufacturing for back yarn & Schiffli embroidery machines.
  • Sustainable packaging manufacturing (PET SHEET & PET STRAP).
  • Green Power Generation.
  • Soft Luggage Bag Manufacturing.
  • Clocking a revenue of INR 2000+ CR (240+ Million USD)annually.
Recycled Polyester Fiber Manufacturers in India polyester staple fiber suppliers in india

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) and rPET Flakes. We enable the conversion of millions of used plastic bottles into superior-grade, eco-friendly products. Through our consistent and innovative approach, we ensure to regenerate polyester fibre that stands out for its excellent durability and performance.

  • Aggregate rPSF and rPET flakes production capacity 72000 MT per
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 15270 complied units as well as certified OCEAN
    BOUND plastic recycler.
  • Maintaining zero liquid discharge since inception and 50% of power.
    required is being used from renewable resources
  • Accredited single-star export house.

Bottles recycled per day

1.2 CR

Total Windmill Capacity

7.2 MW

3MW x 1, 2.1 MV x 2

Total Solar Plant Capacity

1.2 MW

Foundation : October, 2015
Mr. AP Singhal | Mr. Amit Jain
Mr. Manish Singhal | Mr. Punit Singhal
Email: [email protected]


  • A circular economy wherein every waste PET bottle & polyester yarn is upcycled and transformed into a valuable PET product.
  • Depolymerization process is adopted in our Chemical Recycling Technology.
  • Our manufacturing capacity is 24 KT per annum of premium-grade rPET pellets.
  • Every day, we recycle about 5 million used PET bottles, which equates to 2 billion bottles annually.
  • We manufacture high-quality Recycled PET Resins for:
  1. Textile yarns like POY, DTY, FDY, BCF, IDY
  2. Packaging BOPET film-grade
  3. Bottle-grade
  4. Sheet-grade
Foundation date: 18 August, 2020
: Mr. Samarth Arya | Mr. Hardik Agrawal
Oeko-Tex JbrPet
jbpolypack Polypack

With the vision of sustainable packaging, JB POLYPACK has developed world-class infrastructure & technology to manufacture PET SHEET & PET Straps, mostly from discarded plastic polluting the environment for decades. All our products undergo rigorous testing & are of high quality, making them viable across various industries for packaging application.

  • BRCS certified unit for manufacturing of PET SHEET.
  • GRS certified

Production capacity to


per Annum



per Annum


Foundation date: September, 2021
Mr. Amit Agrawal | Mr. Sagar Singhal
Email: [email protected]

Nirvasu is a comprehensive consultancy firm specialising in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) domain of Plastics Waste, E-Waste, Tyre Waste, Battery Waste and Used Oil Waste management. We provide EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) services along with complete assistance to fulfil them.

Comprehensive EPR Compliance Services

  • Expertise and diverse team of professionals.
  • Offering tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs of EPR Compliances.

Introducing Waste Tracker

  • An End-to-End Technical Platform & Application, Enhancing Transparency of EPR Compliances in Waste Management.

Nirvasu Verified EPR Credits

  • Established Network of Audited & Authorised Recyclers for EPR Credits in Plastic, E-Waste, Tyre, and Battery Waste Management.

Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic Waste Collector

  • This prestigious certification signifies our dedication to actively combating the global issue of ocean-bound plastic pollution.


  • Customised EPR Solutions
  • Effective Data Management
  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Training & Awareness
  • Nirvasu Verified Recyclers
  • EPR Credit Management
  • Local Bodies Tie-ups
  • EPR Compliance Assessment

DPIIT Recognized Startup

Startup India Logo1-02 (1)
Nirmal Vasundhara - waste management services Nirmal-vasundhara
Foundation date: 15 July, 2020
Directors :
Mr. Miklesh Goel | Mr. Punit Singhal
Email: [email protected]
Global Recycle Standard JB-Paper - craft paper recycling

JB CRAFT PAPER LLP – a unit of JB Group is one of the top players in recycling craft paper and manufacturing high BF kraft paper. Through its armation to continuously work towards environment protection and sustainability, JB CRAFT PAPER has established a strong foothold in the segment, manufacturing premium-grade Kraft Paper.

Production capacity

72000MT Per Annum

  • Natural Shade :
  • Fluting Medion Paper :
  • Testliner :
  • Golden Yellow shade :
  • GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • Natural Shade : GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • Fluting Medion Paper : GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • Testliner : GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
  • Golden Yellow shade : GSM - 120 ONWARDS BF 18 TO 28
Foundation: January, 2020
Directors :
Mr. Ramdas Jindal | Mr. Jignesh Vithani
Email: [email protected]


Jay Bharat Group believes that progress should not come at the cost of environmental damage. Through responsible action and approach, the group works arduously to reduce its carbon footprint. Our innovative practices and sustainable use of resources strive to foster a green-minded community that contributes to create positive social and environmental impact.

To conduct business in a responsible and ecologically sound manner, the JB Group has built its renewable energy production facilities. The company's green portfolio comprises:


27.5 MW

of wind power generation plant.


1.7 MW

of Solar power generation plant.

Our Power Generation Divisions

  • JB Renewable LLP

  • Jay Bharat Power Pvt Ltd

  • Jay Bharat Energy Pvt Ltd

  • JMD Energy

More than 35 million units of renewable energy generated annually and
wheeled to state discoms/MNCs

Jay Bharat icon-svg

Gurera Textiles, a part of JB Group, is a pioneer in the Indian ethnic wear space. Presenting an incredible amalgamation of tradition and culture, Gurera holds prestige for its impressive approach to redefining Indian traditional wear.

Venturing ahead on our momentous journey, we strengthen our commitment to make Indian traditional wear more intriguing by incorporating a varied range of colour options.

Under the brand name “AISHWARYA SAREE” we present an elegant range of fancy and designer sarees.

Featuring superior quality material, the latest design, and impeccable finishing, “AISHWARYA SAREE” is a trusted name all over India.

We maintain a dual presence, both online and oine, spanning across all major platforms. Our online sales volume reaches 2000 pieces per day.


Capacity of around

20 Lakh

sarees per year.

Foundation Date: 1 November, 1985
Directors :
Mr. Jitendra Arya
Email: [email protected]
Gurera Textiles - Indian ethnic wear
Jay Bharat icon-svg

Hailing from the house of JB Group, Presidency Exports is an accredited SINGLE-STAR EXPORT HOUSE. With decades of expertise in garment manufacturing and export, Presidency Exports strives to deliver the best quality, price, and products to its clients. Complying with international standards of quality while fulfilling the constantly changing demands of customers has enabled us to earn a huge reputation in export markets like Singapore and Dubai.

  • Conferred with the best quality fabrics supplier in the export market.
  • We specialise in manufacturing a wide variety of garments, including kaftans, hijabs, ponchos, pareos, scarves, and western wear.
  • Export-oriented unit for all types of fabrics & garments.

50 Lakh

meters of garment produced
per year.

Foundation date: 20 April, 1999
Directors :
Mr. Alok Arya
Email: [email protected]

We are the Largest Manufacturer and exporter of high-grade monofilament yarn, Mother Yarn and Cocoon Bobbins in India in Collaboration with a South Korean Company. The Company is Government government-recognised Star Export House, also accredited with ISO 9001:2000 Certification. In the year 2022, we started producing dope-dyed FDY & POY

  • Polyester and nylon Mother Yarn, Mono-Filament Yarn.
  • GRS Certified recycled Mother yarn and Mono Filament Yarn.
  • Polyester Textured & Dope Dyed Mono Filament Yarn.
  • Polyester Dope Dyed FDY and POY Yarn.
  • Cocoon Bobbin for Schiffli Embroidery Machine.
  • Cotton Yarn Dyeing.
  • Velvet Fabric.

Capacity :


MT / Year



MT / Year

Filament Yarn


MTR / Year


Power Generation :

2.1 MW


0.5 MW


Foundation Date: 27 February, 2008
Directors :
Mr. Himanshu Jariwala
Email: [email protected]
OEKO-TEX Jkorin - Monofilament Yarn Manufacturer
ORILON - Nylon Yarn Manufacturer

Oriilon India Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer in the nylon filament yarn industry, specialising in the production of Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) and Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY). With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Oriilon India has established itself as a prominent player in the market, catering to a diverse range of products.


  • Nylon Filament Yarn: Oriilon India Pvt Ltd manufactures high-quality nylon filament yarn, catering to various sectors such as textiles, automotive, industrial, and consumer goods.
  • Partially Oriented Yarn (POY): The company produces POY with precise specifications to meet the unique requirements of its clients, ensuring superior performance and durability in end products.

Per annum yarn production capacity

18000 MT

Foundation Date: 5 March, 2008
Directors :
Mr. Vikash Jhunjhunwala
Mr. Vishal Kejriwal
Email: [email protected]
Website: Oriilon India Pvt. Ltd.

We are one of the oldest & most reputed mills in Surat. Strict adherence to quality standards and focus on the use of environment-friendly practices have enabled us to excel in the dyeing and printing segment

Production Capacity

1 CR

Meters of Fabric Per Month

Sustainability Benchmarks

2.5 MW

Advanced infrastructural facility laced with 18 color automated flat-bed machines and 12 color rotary machines with fully automated PLC interface drum jets for Better and consistent Quality.


  • Saree Printing
  • Export Garment Printing
  • Dyeing
  • Dress Material
Foundation date: 18 September, 1986
Mr. Rajesh Gupta | Mr. Vishal Kejriwal
Email: [email protected]
production-oeko OEKO-TEX Production

We are a full-service art embroidery and digital printing firm based in Surat. Rendering services for the past 15 years, the company has become a well-known name among top Indian exporters from Delhi and Mumbai. Equipped with the in-house facility, designers and textile experts can continuously evolve and work on the latest trends.


Schiffli Embroidery:

14.40 LACS MTRS / YR

Digital Printing:

29.20 LACS MTRS / YR

Technologically advanced, high-performance machinery, to facilitate high-quality production including:

  • Swiss-made LASSER Schiffli embroidery machines.
  • Italy's best-selling “JP7” Digital printing machine.
  • German-made Multi-Head Machine from “ZSK”.
Foundation Date: 15 September, 2005
Directors :
Mr. Shailesh Goel | Mr. Vijay Chopra
Email: [email protected]

Maspack Industries is committed to manufacturing premium-quality caps, closures, and preforms for the water, oil, and juice industries. The turnkey solutions provided by the company are crafted with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Presently, the company produces:

  • A27W 3 STAT Alaska Neck Caps from SACMI MACHINE (Widely used in Water/Oil/Juice & other bottle packing/caps).
  • PREFORMS are made from HUSKY MACHINE.
  • 42MM Pull Out Spout Caps (widely used in edible oil/motor oil industry) made from all Electrical Japanese TOSHIBA MACHINE on fully hot runner moulds.

Production capacity up to

2 M

Per Month



per Month


160 T

per month


26 M

per Month

2622 SHORT

Foundation Date: 26 August, 2013
Directors :
Mr. Rajiv Jain
Email: [email protected]
Maspack Industries

Climate Detox Private Limited

We help develop a Clean World.

As our name suggests, we help enterprises detox the climate. As a company, you may not be able to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from your processes entirely, and that is where we step in.

We are focused on lowering carbon emissions by raising awareness and introducing people to carbon credits. We are optimistic that by working together we can reach our goal of a healthier, greener nation yet attain technological advancement. At Climate Detox, we are committed to helping you understand everything about carbon credits to ensure that we all grow sustainably.

13 Lakh+

Tonne of CO2 equivalent reduction

Foundation : 2021
Mr. Rajesh Gupta | Mr. Manish Saboo
Mr. Gaurav Singhvi | Mr. Vishal Kejriwal
Email: [email protected]
Jay Bharat icon-svg

JB Softpack Private Limited

We are the only luggage manufacturing facility in Surat that supplies soft luggage bags to well-known brands in the luggage industry. We aim to provide quality products and services to our vendors, committing to long-term relationships. Owning a complete end-to-end in-house manufacturing facility, we aim to expand our offerings to Backpacks and Hard Luggage in our product category soon.

Production Capacity


Pieces per Month.




Foundation date: June 2022
Mr. Vivek Mandhana | Mr. Samarth Arya
Climate Detox

JB Growth Ventures LLP

JB Growth Ventures LLP is a dynamic investment firm that operates with a forward-looking vision, deeply understanding the significance of investing in the future. Along with core financial services, we actively engage in nurturing startups and collaborating with key enablers across various sectors including EV, tech, and D2C. Our investment strategy encompasses support from seed to pre-series stages, ensuring that startups receive not only funding but also invaluable guidance and access to our extensive network.

Our diverse portfolio showcases strategic investments in companies making significant strides in their respective sectors, such as:

  • GROWiT
  • Clear Dekho
  • Zypp Electric
  • IVY Growth
  • legalpay
  • Anveshan
  • WeFounder
  • Circle Emotorad
  • Metvy
  • XYXX Apparels
  • Escrowpay
  • Regrip
  • EvolveX Accelerator

With a firm commitment to sustainability, innovation, and fostering growth, JB Growth Ventures LLP leaves a meaningful impact on both the textile and startup industries, setting a benchmark for positive change in the world while ensuring lasting impressions on our partners and stakeholders.

Foundation : 2021
Mr. Rajesh Gupta | Mr. Samarth Arya
Email: [email protected]